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Decks & Outdoor Living Spaces

More and more homeowners are spending time outside in their very own backyard. Did you know that a well-designed outdoor space can return up to 100% of your cost, which provides a strong return on your investment?

As longtime residents and craftsmen in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, we know just the type of wood, weatherproofing and sealing that works best for decks and outdoor structures in our climate. We’ve built beautiful outdoor entertainment and living spaces throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania and in Cherry Hill, Trenton, Princeton and surrounding towns in Western NJ.

deck with pergola decks decks with gazebo

We at Smart Remodeling Solutions provide complete Plan, Design Build Deck Services.

We help our customers with their planning and design of the deck. We do this by asking our customers questions and showing them lots of pictures, and then putting these ideas on paper for them. This questionnaire has four components:

The first component is the layout of your home and property.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. deck with white vinyl railingHow high above the grade is your door sill? Most decks 2 feet above grade will require a railing
  2. Check with your city or town regarding backyard and side yard setbacks.
  3. Where are your property lines? Do you have an up-to-date survey?
  4. What existing obstacles in your backyard do we have to work with? i.e. landscape trees, pool, sheds, etc.
  5. Are you trying to get a view, keep a view?
  6. Do you need privacy from any neighbors?
  7. Items to look for: basement windows, air conditioner, water, bay windows, hydro, gas.
  8. Do you need shade?
  9. Where are the sun patterns during morning, afternoon and evening?
  10. Where do the wind patterns come from and in what season of the year?

The second component in design is uses of the deck.

I like to talk with the people who live in the home to design a deck around how they would use their deck. Ten different families living in the same house will have different uses in mind and will require a different design.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. decksHow many people live in the home?
  2. What size of groups will be using the deck on a fairly regular basis?
  3. These 2 questions are helping me to determine the appropriate size. Each person needs approximately 25-ft minimum
  4. How long have you lived in this home?
  5. How long do you intend to live in this home? (we want to build a deck that will last longer than what you will need. The average deck in North America lasts 8.7 years)
  6. How much use will your deck be getting; minimal, moderate or daily use?
  7. How will you be using your deck; entertaining, quiet reading area, BBQing, eating, relaxing, lying in the sun, parties, spa area, and children playing?
  8. What type of furniture will be on the deck and where; table and 4 or 6 chairs, BBQ, loungers, spas, other chairs or benches, hammocks, children's toys, any other furniture?

The third component of the question is about price.

decksTen different families living in the same house will have 10 different budgets to work within. I try to design a deck to fit each family's budget. In some situations I recommend waiting a year or two until more dollars can be saved, and thereby doing the project right the first time. I don't like to design or build a deck that won't satisfy the needs of the family or won't last for the duration required. To make a deck last over 20 years, good quality materials are required and it may cost more initially. It will, however, save thousands of dollars later in not having to redo the deck in 10 or 15 years.

The last component of the questions is regarding personal preferences.

decksLots of deck options are neither right nor wrong, but simply preference. By looking at many pictures of decks and stealing ideas from different projects, you can create your own custom-designed outdoor living area.

Smart Remodeling Solutions offers the products and services that will meet your unique desires.

decks decks decks

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